Sustainability in the home

We’re reminded every single day that climate change is an emergency that we all need to be aware of. Switch on the news and there’s a natural disaster somewhere which can be traced back to net global temperatures rises, speak to the old man who used to farm your land and he’ll tell you how much things have changed. But what can we all do to help? Each little individual action we take might not sound like much on its own but add them all together and they will have an impact. Combine that with steps being taken by businesses both large and small and government carbon neutral initiatives in the Western world, and hopefully we can make a difference before the damage is irreversible.

Here at Eden & Taylor we hope we can be part of the movement bringing sustainability into the home. From the way we shop and wash our clothes to the food we eat and the products we buy to decorate our homes, there are many ways we can all live a more eco-conscious and sustainable life. Here are a few ways that our sheepskin rugs are sustainable:

● Our sheepskins are a totally natural byproduct of our farming operation. That means we’re making sure that we make the most of every animal we raise and don’t waste anything.

● They have a very low carbon footprint. If you see a sheepskin rug in a national homewares chain, how do you know it hasn’t been transported from New Zealand or India in a shipping container? Ours come from sheep raised right here on our farm.

● Sheepskins are totally natural. There’s no plastic fibres seen in cheap polyester rugs, which work their way into our water supplies and eventually the ocean!

● They will last you for a lifetime, but when you don’t want a sheepskin any more the chances are it will be recycled as a dog bed or break down into the earth after being thrown away. Polyester and other plastic fibre rugs will still be on this planet in hundreds of years time, languishing in landfill sites.

● They are washable, thermoregulating and snug. If you work from home or feel the chill in the evening, draping a sheepskin rug over your office chair or sofa will keep you warm and stop you having to run the heating (probably burning oil or gas) for that little bit longer!

What’s even better is that as well as all these benefits for those living a sustainable lifestyle, sheepskins are a stylish and affordable addition to your home. They look great as rugs in living rooms and bedrooms, dogs and cats love them as a cosybed and they work hanging on the arm of a chair or on a kitchen bench.

If you’d like to take a closer look at our collection of sheepskin rugs, just click here.

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